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Who Will Supervise Foreign Minister?

Talks to develop the framework that was agreed upon at the bilateral talks in Istanbul, Turkey on May 24 and 25 are taking place at the OAS Headquarters in Washington DC.  As we told you on Friday, the People’s United Party had decided to not take part in those meetings.  That decision came after several exclusions of the opposition by the Barrow administration, says the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno.  According to Briceno, they are not shirking their role as the opposition to keep the government accountable but rather they are saving the taxpayers’ money since their participation in the meetings have been in vain. With the absence of the opposition to verify and confirm the outcome of those meetings, who will look after Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington?  That’s what one of the media houses asked Briceno; here is how he responded.


Attending today’s meeting are the Foreign Minister, Wilfred Elrington, Brigadier General David Jones and Ambassador Alexis Rosado.  Belize’s delegation is meeting with Guatemala’s Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales, Guatemala’s Commander of the Armed Forces, General Perez as well as Guatemala’s Ambassador to Belize, Manuel Roland Barillas.