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Why is Forte stalling to proceed with fraud case?

Amy Forte has yet to make an official police report in relation to the allegation she made of forgery. The Major Crimes Unit of the Belize Police Department was tasked to investigate the allegation made by Forte, but without her official complaint, there is not much they can do. Forte’s name was called as the one who signed land documents. Through her attorney, Forte said that her signature was forged.  However, up to news time Forte has not made an official police complaint. Acting Police Commissioner, Noel Leal, explained.


Acting Police Commissioner, Noel Leal

This will be the last time that I will be talking about this investigation and that is simply because the complainant has not come forward and there is nothing that we can do, there is no where we can go. So if the complainant continues to not come forward then we can’t proceed with the investigation there must be a complaint. So we might not be mentioning this situation again if the complainant does not, it will remain the same.


“Is it a concern for you that the intended complainant has not come forward that maybe undue influence was placed on her to desist in prosecuting this matter through criminal authorities.”

Acting Police Commissioner, Noel Leal

“I am not sure, I have no information on that. All I know i that I have tasked the investigators from day one to document every activity that they have done we have what you call an investigation diary to document every activity they have done with the date and time and possibly if it is a phone call made with the attorney to document that verbatim. At the end of the day we will have the records to show that we did our best, we tried our best and we didn’t get anywhere forward. We had set up meetings with Mr.Cowo he was waiting all day on a certain day; we contacted the attorneys we have had some cooperation from investigation side in Belmopan people willing and ready to work with us but we weren’t able to get anywhere because we couldn’t make a start and we have that all documented.”

What appears to be Forte’s signature, appears on land documents that has to do with a transaction involving Andre Vega, son of Former UDP Minister Gaspar Vega and seven acres of land on Mosquito Caye.  Since the allegation was made, Vega has said that the land deal was made through a land agent. He has also stated that he is willing to relinquish all rights to the piece of land.  Justice of the Peace Darlene Padron whose signature also appears on the document has said through her attorney that quote, “a lady appearing to be the likeness of Ms. Amy Forte provided her with an ID card with the name of Amy Forte. She verified that the picture on the card was the same person in front of her. Amy Forte then proceeded to sign the Deed of Conveyance with a signature similar to that on the ID card.” End of quote.