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Wife of Manuelito Ye Says She is Yet to Receive Justice in the Killing of her Husband

Tonight, we bring you the story of Maria Landero. In 2019, her husband Manuelito Ye was knocked down and killed. The person who was charged for his death is out on bail, and a year and half later, Landero says, justice has yet to be served. Hipolito Novelo has the story.

On December 14, 2019, Manuelito Ye was knocked and killed by former customs officer, Ernesto Urbina. Ye was on his motorcycle on the Bullet Tree Road in the Cayo District when he fell off. He was being assisted by two other men when Urbina knocked down all three persons. Ye was pronounced dead at the Western Regional Hospital a few minutes after. Urbina was arraigned just before Christmas that year and was slapped with several charges including manslaughter, driving without due care and attention, grievous harm, failure to provide a specimen, and failure to render aid. He was offered and met bail of $10,000. But a year and a half later, Ye’s wife Maria Landero says that the case hasn’t progressed.  


Maria Landero, Wife of Deceased: “Since he was killed I was left with three kids. It was a terrible situation where up to now I haven’t even seen anything from the police, no disclosure or anything and I want a response. I want to seek justice for my husband and I want to know when justice will be served because I have been up and down from the police station to the Supreme Court, from the Supreme Court to Belize City, from Belize City to the DPP and the DPP is having me waiting and waiting and waiting and I haven’t received any answer until now and from ever since when we went to court after adjourning every month you know I haven’t gotten any justice only adjournment.”

Landero says that the many turnarounds is frustrating, even more so when all she wants is justice to be served. 

Maria Landero, Wife of Deceased: “After having almost one year of adjourning I went to court on November when the Magistrate told me that she was going to send the case to Supreme Court. Accordingly they sent the case for the opening of January in the Supreme Court and I went to Belmopan because that was going to be in Belmopan and in Belmopan they told me that there was nothing. So I want to know where is the documents, where are the papers, where is it? This case at the moment because I have been going to DPP and DPP has told me that they don’t know any date yet so I guess we have to wait more years. How many more years do we have to wait more for justice to be served ? Is an investigation so long ? You know I have three kids, presently I survive you know. My husband was the one who worked , he was the one who provided for me and my kids. I was left with three kids one who was eight at that time, one who was six at that time and one who was three months at that time when eh died and now my smallest kid is now two years so what will happen.”