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Wildlife species stabilize in Chiquibul

The Chiquibul Forest Reserve remains a target for Guatemalan poachers.  While the illegal hunting continues unabated, there is good news for the game community in the Chiquibul.  The results of a research conducted earlier this month shows no significant decrease in wildlife species.  Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director for FCD says the study shows that the number of wildlife species have stabilized due to more conservation posts.
Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director, FCD

Rafael Manzanero, Executive Director, FCD: “You know statistically in terms of how we run the numbers in terms of observation and that over a time period. The data what it showed is that statistically you don’t see so much of a decrease in terms of wildlife observations being done in the area so it’s pretty much still lingering around the same as the one done two years ago. However what would seem to indicate that there is a trend of recovery of the wildlife population in the area is because of other factors. One might be yes of more increase of patrols in the area. We don’t have for example so much of the xatero activity like before. The xateros used to roam much more farther within the National Territory but that has decreased substantially although there could be direct connection towards hunting and  xateros and so you would see a decrease also on that. So I think that at the end of the day what we can illustrate is that the enforcement that is present in the area is certainly having a difference in terms of now the reappearance of wildlife species in the area. We can only be able to indicate clearly how it will be going in terms of upward, in terms of numbers after more studies to be done in the area over the next two to four years some species would still take some time to become much more healthy in numbers but as how it looks for now at least it is not really going down in terms of a reduction it would seem to be now continuing the problem of poaching in the area of hunting for game communities.”

This research was made possible with funding from the Belize Nature Conservation Foundation.