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Will $40K Write off hurt UDP at the polls?

Yesterday, the Public Service Union expressed its outrage at the write off of over forty thousand dollars owed by Joshua Perdomo, the son of Cabinet Secretary, Carlos Perdomo to the government. Tonight, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize spoke on the situation and how they feel the matter can be handled.
Marvin Mora, President, National Trade Union Congress of Belize: “Our understanding of it is that there is a guarantor, I believe it’s his sister, that the Government of Belize can look towards some of those collections. So yes it is the logical thing to do but whether or not that will be done is a different thing because it would mean political will and that is probably where the contention lies because on one side the Government of Belize has a certain political will but on the other side is logic and of course the rest of the citizens are looking at this issue as we have, as an organization and we are looking at it from a point of view of fairness. How fair it is to other people who’ve had loans and they’ve had to serve or they’ve had to pay back some of these loans to the government. So that is basically the same take that the general public that is taken that is the same take we are taking on it as well.  One the surface of it, it looks as nepotism but we have to be careful because the father and the son are two different entities, what we really have to look at is the fact that there was a guarantor and that is the person that literally placed herself into the position where now the loan becomes her liability. So without pointing out the fact that his father does work for the Government of Belize or does work for a particular administration the fact is that there is a mechanism in place and the government must exercise all prudence and due diligence to ensure that the mechanism is utilized so the monies are collected.”
Mora added that the write-off will disenfranchise other persons who want to obtain a loan from the government to further their studies.
After all the social media rant, the objections at the meeting of the Finance and Economic Development Council and the criticisms from the opposition and the Public Service Union (PSU), the Joshua Perdomo write off of over forty thousand dollars is a done deal.  Love News was able to confirm that the statute of limitations in recovering this debt has passed, making it almost impossible to recover.  While the Government and Perdomo will have its way, it does give a black eye to the Barrow administration which could possibly play a role in the upcoming election season.