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Will Belize be pressured to vote ‘yes’ to the ICJ?

Today the Government of Belize sent out a release, congratulating Guatemala for what it described as “a step further toward permanently settling the age-old dispute.” The Government says that Guatemala’s referendum promotes peace, democracy, and security, not only in Guatemala but in the region. This is a similar message sent by Guatemala’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, Carlos Raul Morales when he made an appearance at the counting station yesterday morning in Guatemala City. Hipolito Novelo reports.


While the Belizean Government is congratulating Guatemala on its referendum, the Belize Progressive Party says it is not surprised by the results. The BPP says it is renewing its “No to the ICJ” campaign. The third party is demanding that the Government of Belize make good on its promise to complete the re-registration process before any referendum is held.