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Will CitCo be constructing houses in Krooman Lagoon?

The Krooman Lagoon is an area in the Collet Division that has been designated as an important reserve for wildlife in the old capital.  The contention and controversy surrounding this area has been many, ranging from squatters, claim of ownership and then there is the matter of environmental protection.  The quite coveted area is back in the news tonight as the recently elected mayor, Bernard Wagner has his eyes set on Krooman; this time with an idea for housing.  There was a walk through done recently with members of City Hall and the Muslim community to see how they can collaborate to construct houses in the Krooman area.  Among representatives of the Muslim commumity in Belize were two engineers from London, Mansoor Ahmad and Muddassar Ahmad.  The meeting saw mapping of the area being conducted which would then lead to the design of the plan to be submitted to an investment board in London.  Representing City Hall were Councillor Albert Vaughan, the City Planner, Carla Patnett and the City Engineer, Floyd Williams.