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Will Commissioner Williams remain accessible after his ascension?

And there is another relationship, a friendlier one that the new Commissioner has nurtured over the years. That is the one with the media. Commissioner Williams has been a very public figure in the department, hardly ever shying away from the media. He has been, for the most part, open with his policing style and information on major incidents he has headed, even during his brief time as the head of the Professional Standards Branch of the department. We asked the new top cop how his relationship with the media would be affected by his new position.

Commissioner of Police Chester Willams: “It depends on where you want it go. There must be reciprocity, the way the system work is always the media getting from us and we are not getting from the media so my thing is that I would want to sit with the media and work out a deal, we give you and you give us. There are several things that we need to get out such as messages of our crime fighting efforts that we would need your assistance in getting out those messages so let us see what we can do in working out some of these agreements that we both benefit from the relationship and that it is not a one way relationship so I would hope that each of you would be willing to be apart of that discussion and be willing to contribute something back the Police and the Government of Belize for the exchange that we have.”