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Will COP26 be a Flop ?

Is COP26 turning out to be a failure? That is the question Love News asked Minister Orlando Habet today at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, Scotland. Today was Minister Habet’s last day at COP26 as he is leaving Scotland on Friday. But before he does so, Senior Reporter, Hipolito Novelo got a progress update from the Minister who explained that little progress was met. So, we asked him, was it a failure? Here is that report.

Hipolito Novelo, Love News:  It’s been two weeks since tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries descended on the Scottish Events Campus in Glasgow Scotland for COP26. It has been two weeks of exhibitions, panel discussions and presentations. Fourteen days of negotiations and millions of dollars spent. Was it worth it ? It was the biggest climate change event at a critical point but was it also the biggest failure ? 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “We can see it both ways. I think if we don’t achieve exactly what we came here for we can see it as a partial failure. On the other hand I think that there has been some advancement on some of the issues and I think in that regard it is very positive and I think we have accomplished some things.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: Not all the things, not all the important things. Going into COP there were expected aims that after days of going at it were not met. Minister Orland Habet is disappointed.

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “In a way because we wanted to see that these developed countries who pledged and committed to assist developing countries with the financing for tackling climate change have not really come forth with those monies that were pledged. Further more this was just a jump start because we know that post 2025 there was supposed to be some commitment for further increase in those monies to move to developing countries to assist us with the effects of climate change.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: And at this climate change event change was expected but not received. So I asked the minister again was it a failure ? 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “It is hard to say that it’s a complete failure. A failure to certain extent. I want to support the COP President I think his organization has done a lot. They had prior meetings to COP26, just now in July we had a prime ministerial meeting in London and all the countries who participated promised that they will try to fulfill the mandate of COP26 so that when we come out from here the three areas especially that they were looking at which have to do with reaching the 1.5 degree goal, the area of mitigation, adaptation and building resilience and of course that of cooperation and building transparency. So it would really look bad on the COP Presidency if we don’t achieve it.”

Hipolito Novelo, Love News: And achieving it seems unlikely and the future looks bad for vulnerable countries like Belize. But Minister Habet says Belize will do what it can. 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management: “Our NDCs call for $1.6 billion dollars in expenditure for reducing those emissions that we have pledging between now and 2030 they are all dependent on financing so if we don’t get it really we can’t fulfill them. But $1.6 billion US dollars is three consecutive national budgets for Belize so we can’t take that money out of nowhere and put it into adaptation and resilience so we need the foreign financing. That doesn’t mean that we will not do our share and I know our government is gung-ho and prepared to put into the next budget some monies towards adaptation, building resilience but we will also have to seek out funding and projects from those international and regional organizations that are willing to help and they are out there, we can get funding GCF, through the Jeff Program, right now we have some assistance for landscape projects within the Selva Maya and now the MesoAmerican project for the five forests of Mesoamerica so we will get some funding and some projects going on but really disappointed in a way because we didn’t get what we really wanted.”