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Will cyclists be disqualified post Cross Country?

The annual Cross Country Cycling Classic was held on Saturday, April 13. Three Guatemalan Nationals won the top prizes. Belizean American Justin Williams indicated that he would not participate in 2020 due to issues with the sport including not being granted permission to bring a team to help fight for the Garland. We asked the Cycling Federation for comment but President Orson Butler was unable to comment. But that’s not the only issue that occurred with the Cross Country Classic and the sport. At least two riders are in trouble for conduct displayed during the race.  A video has emerged that showed a rider identified as Wasani Castro being holding onto an alleged service vehicle during the the Cycling Classic.  According to Michael Arthurs, the Commissars panel is meeting at 6 p.m. today to review all race incidents from the HSCCC and after which a final disciplinary report will be given to the federation. Castro placed 12 in the Classic. It is likely that Castro will be disqualified if found guilty.