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Will Forest Officer Daniel Chi be Given a Second Chance?

Yesterday we told you that Forest Officer Daniel Chi might be fired. The Public Service Ministry has recommended that Chi be dismissed for insubordination. This is after he hung up on Prime Minister John Briceno a couple a weeks ago. The Prime Minister had called asking that plants imported by Dianni Chan of Botanical Gardens by Roselyn be released. Chi refused because CITES documentation was missing. From there, the matter exploded with weekly updates as in the case tonight. Love News spoke to the Minister of Sustainable Development, Orlando Habet about the matter. Habet explained to Love News why the recommendation for dismissal was made. 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development: “Based on information that we received, we felt that being an officer, a public officer, there should be some respect going upwards or downwards. It doesn’t matter where. But for us, whatever information we gathered from the department, that information was put in a report. It is forwarded to the Ministry of Public Service and Public Service makes their recommendation to the Public Services Commission and then a final decision is made there. So we can make a recommendation but we don’t do the firing and really the hiring at that level.” 

But is there a second chance for Chi? That’s what we asked Minister Habet today.

Dale McDougall, Love FM News: Is partisan political politics involved in this decision by the minister to recommend that he be terminated? 

Orlando Habet, Minister of Sustainable Development: “Mmmmm, not quite. I don’t think, really, I don’t even know the officer personally so I don’t know what political party or what affiliation he is with. I think with myself, if I do something wrong, I will be disciplined by my boss who is the Prime Minister. But sometimes, it’s an issue of communication and how to communicate and I think that some of these things have to be ironed out or maybe even looking at how the Public Service can have some training for these officers or all officers. So that then you can know because a lot of the times you have problems with PR, whether it’s in my ministry at Forestry or it’s the Department of the Environment or I go to the Lands Department and the way people treat you and so the Public Service really, the public wants to see better response from the public officers.”