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Will Gasper Vega return to Politics?

While the embattled Gaspar Vega made his appearance today, he made an unexpected announcement. After he had indicated that he would be abandoning his political career, today he said, he is willing to run again if it meant keeping his enemy, Ramon Cervantes, out of office.

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega

“If it means that only me can win that division for the UDP I will run.”

Reporter: So but you said you would look for a successor.

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega

“That’s what I just said Jules, if it means that only me can win the division I will run.”

Reporter: But do you think you can win?

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega

“I will not answer that question I will let the people answer that. I’ve been quiet because I wanted to retire.”

Reporter: The PUP is pressuring the party leader to kick you out of the UDP.

Former Minister of Natural Resources, Gaspar Vega

“Look my people will decide what I will do.”

In response to his announcement, the PUP leader John Briceno and his Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Cervantes say they hope he does seek re-election.

Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Cervantes

“Well let him run, let him come I am waiting for him. Whenever he is ready.”


“So because Mr.Vega while he may have taken a lot of hits in a political sense and his name may be scandalized he is a man with resources and his family certainly has resources and these things make a difference in elections.”

Orange Walk North Standard Bearer Ramon Cervantes

“Yeah but this time around resources won’t buy the hearts of people. His money can never buy the hearts of the people with all the damage that he has done to this country and to the people of this country taking away people’s lands, getting involved with corruption deals where only he and his family have gotten rich rotten with the people’s money and that dirty money he cannot buy the people’s heart with that. If you remember I only had a short campaign period the last election and I closed the gap by 75% on him so I am coming for him. If he wants to run let him run and we will defeat him I will defeat him along with the people of Orange Walk North.”

John Briceno, Opposition Leader

“I am praying to the good Lord for Vega to run again, we want him to run in Orange Walk North to continue to represent the stench of the UDP, the corruption of the UDP. Everything that has gone wrong with the UDP Gaspar Vega is the poster child for that so we wish that he would run but I’m not too sure that his party wants him to run and I think that is the question.”


“Well we saw John Saldivar out there who we know has leadership aspirations and Dr.Angel Cal what do you make of this that the fact that he still has the support of those in the cabinet, those who want a future in politics will still appear as a sort of radiation meltdown ?”

John Briceno, Opposition Leader:

“Have you ever thought that these people are out there not necessarily because they love Gaspar Vega but because Gaspar Vega has the goods on them? I am told that when the Prime Minister talked about the hotbed of corruption in 2013, I am told that Mr. Vega went with a whole stack of files and told the Prime Minister this is your hotbed of corruption and that is why he cannot be touched and you have Ministers like John Saldivar who are fighting for their political life. Remember let us remind the Prime Minister that he said he was going to bring an outside investigator into the beheading of Pastor Lue and that has not happened and John Saldivar wants us to forget that and we will not so these people are not here because of love but because of what Gaspar Vega can do to their political aspiration.”