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Will GOB Establish a Ministry of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, As Promised ?

In the PUP’s Plan Belize manifesto, the party now in government intends to establish a Ministry of Information Technology and Digital Transformation to spearhead development in ICT, the transformation of government’s services and to spur technological innovation and development of the digital economy. Speaking on this is Minister of Youth, Sports and E-governance Kevin Bernard.

Kevin Bernard, Minister of Youth, Sports and E Governance: “We are going to push under our ministry ou national digital agenda, that is critical. We need to see some major improvements in the next year in terms of services that are rendered to the public that those are improved, access to digital services but at the same time we want to see more expansion in the youth work that we are doing. We want to see more young people engage in the programs that we’re offering countrywide especially in the rural communities, our digital labs that will be starting to expand on in terms of providing services to these young people in the rural communities and of course sports. We need to see sports come to a level. We need to see more engagements, we needCOAST  to see more active participation from our athletes, from our business community,  from our populace on a whole but at the same time we know that we’re not out of the pandemic as yet, we need to also be cautious, we need to be cognizant of these things exist but at the same time we need to focus on where we want to take Belize over the next 10 years, over the next 15 years, over the next 20 years. That is my vision. I am not here to say that everything is all bright there is a long road ahead but we must do it together and that’s why I always appeal to the people, I appeal to my staff, I appeal to the ministry, let’s continue to hold hands because that’s what we’ve been doing ever since November 2020, holding hands together, riding this tide turbulent tide that we entered but we’re finding our way now where there is a smooth sailing coming and trust me over the next three or four years we are going to be on a very good position as a ministry, as a country, and as a people.”

The government intends to digitize the Lands Department to ensure non-partisan, friendly and convenient distribution of lands and other services.