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Will Guatemala respect ICJ decision if differendum reaches that stage?

But let’s say that the matter goes before the ICJ and the Guatemalan Government is not pleased with the ruling, will they respect it and adhere to it? This is a question that was asked to Guatemala’s former Foreign Affairs Minister, Raul Carlos Morales. Here is how he responded.

Carlos Raul Morales, Former Foreign Minister: “Don’t talk about the Guatemalan government, talk about the Guatemalan state. The decision of Guatemala is going to the ICJ to give a solution to this problem, this is our decision and we today say to the world Guatemala wants peace with Belize. This is the most important for me and this is most important message to Belize, Guatemala wants peace but we need to respect in both ways. It is important to build peace, respect the lives of our people, the lives of your people too. I don’t like that Belizean people for example this police that died at Caracol died because of my people. I am not sure about that but the message we need to respect in both ways, we need to build peace. If we insist to have incidents what we will have is another problem and it’s not good for the relation. It is important to know that we need to build peace and the only way to build peace is to respect in both sides and try to give a solution to this claim. I didn’t chose for this claim, it is coming from 1821 for almost 200 years ago and my law doesn’t allow me to recognize Belizean borders, if I do that I will go to jail in Guatemala. It is a matter of law, the same in Belize. You cannot give us back Toledo for example, then if your law doesn’t allow you to give a solution to this problem and my law doesn’t allow to give a solution what we need to do is build a solution like the ICJ. I love Belize, I respect Belize but it is important that Belize respect Guatemala and it is important to respect the life of everybody because it is a m

Guatemala has a population of more than sixteen million people.