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What will happen to the Cayo Rosario project?

There is also another issue that island residents and environmentalists are facing. The Government of Belize has approved dredging at Cayo Rosario, which many are opposed to since it is located within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Love News spoke with Area Representative and Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia, who said that he intends to examine the project.

Manuel Heredia – Minister of Tourism: ”I am very ambitious in project that developers wanted to put over there. I must say that there was very little consultation with myself as the area representative and being a tourism project I thought that there would have been more consultation with me in this case but nonetheless there was very little. I personally believe there is an outcry from the community particularly the tour guides, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve after the number of water structures that have been approved. I haven’t seen the approve recommended by the NIAC over there but I understand it’s about 42 over the water structure. I believe that If you will take those over the water structures and put them on the island itself it will not fit in that island. Our people that believe that anything that you want to do on the island itself; I believe that there is no objection to that. The objection is with the over the water structure. I for one spoke with the Minister responsible for the Environment and we will be taking an on site visit form the Minister of Environment, myself, representatives from the Tour guides association. Representative from the Hol chan Marine reserve to analyze first hand as to what we believe that supposed to be best fitted even though there had been an approval by NEAC. It doesn’t mean to say that it stop there. The developer might decide to challenge it but at this point I believe that I will be with my people, with the majority of people that believe that is not the way to go.”

John Turley and his business partner Daniel Kalenov are responsible for the recent development taking place on Cayo Rosario. The island is a sanctuary for several species of birds.