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Will judgment against Samuel Haynes cause it to fold?

Approximately three years ago, an iron-gate located at the Samuel Haynes Institute fell on three-year-old Brianna Timmons. The family had sued the contractor, Brian Espat and Pickstock Development Association, which owns the property where the Samuel Haynes Institute is located. Minister Wilfred Elrington’s wife, Barbara Elrington, is the Executive Director of Pickstock Development Association. Earlier this week, the court awarded the family two-hundred and sixty thousand dollars in damages to be paid by the defendants. Today, the media asked Minister Elrington to comment on the matter.

Wilfred Elrington, Area Representative for Pickstock Division: “The sum awarded by the court did not seem to be inordinate. Problem is that Pickstock Development Association is a non profit organization, we function from resources that are given to us and our only purpose is to try to improve the level of education of the children that are in the constituency and in the neighboring constituencies. I don’t think the judge was inordinate in the award that she made and I thought she applied the basic legal principle. We theoretically owned the premises, although we did not invite the parent there the parent works there so they were the ones who came on the place almost like well they were certainly not invited by us but we’re not going to quibble over that. The child has been injured I think the child should be looked after to the extent that we can in our society and so I don’t think we would want to appeal a decision of type.”

Elrington said that if they cannot find the funds, it will basically mean that the institute will have to close its doors.