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Will Khalid Belisle serve a second term as Mayor?

Although Belmopan has been established as the capital since 1970, it has only been since 2000 that a city council was established. As a result, Belmopan has seen three mayors: Anthony Chanona, Simeon Lopez and Khalid Belisle who is hopeful to be re-elected on March 7, to serve a second term.

Khalid Belisle – Mayor of Belmopan

“It’s been going well extremely well so far, we receive reminiscent of how it was three years ago, trying to have that conversation and discussion with residents. We typically tell them we are more here to listen to their concerns, their needs, their ideas and suggestions to how we might better serve them as a council provided that we are privileged to continue leading after election day and the response has been phenomenal and so we feel pretty good about our chances as the UDP seven in Belmopan.”

Councilor Anna Banner-Guy, is not on the current UDP slate for Belmopan.   Love News asked Belisle if there is a possibility to lose some votes since Guy was popular with the voters.

Khalid Belisle – Mayor of Belmopan

“It might have a minimal effect I will tell you it might not be public knowledge but Ms. Banner Guy is supporting our team. She has indicated that to me quiet fervently and quite boldly that she will be supporting the UDP team in this Municipal Election and so if I believe if that there is any residual carryover effect on the convention that we had back in August of last year, it would be minimal, she has told me she will be encouraging her friends, family and those who support here as an individual because of personal relationships to support our team and I take her at her word.”

The municipal elections are less than a month away.