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Will Micah’s removal divide CITCO?

The council’s move to force Micah Goodin out of his role as Deputy Mayor has undoubtedly ruffled some feathers at CITCO. In recent weeks, Goodin’s actions have divided his colleagues with councilors like Michael Novelo siding with him while others like Albert Vaughn want him gone. Today, our newsroom asked Mayor Bernard Wagner if he believes this recent move to demote Goodin will lead to a more significant division. Here is how he responded.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “So I think we have very competent individuals who are free thinkers and who eventually will – because what we have to ensure that what happens here is that we consolidate, we remain a united team under our banner that we came in under, the PUP banner and so we respect the entire arm of government, the entire process of government. We as a municipal body serve under the auspices of local government and local government is a part of the central government so we never want to separate those three entities. We remain mindful that people are individuals, they have their own thought processes, they have their own personalities and so we embrace everyone’s personality. It’s always up to the individual to be really introspective of themselves, look within themselves, see how I can improve, see what my colleagues are saying to me, what they do not like about me, what they like about me and try to improve every day as you journey in this political life.”