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Will monopolizing butane lower cost to consumers?

Government’s recently introduced monopoly butane entity, which will be known as the National Gas Company Limited has come under a lot of scrutiny, not all of it positive. There is a concern in most quarters that monopoly does not equal lower cost to consumers. Bowen and Bowen, which will own a minority 6 percent stake in NGCL has decided to respond to that concern, in an interesting fashion. This afternoon Hilly Martinez, the company’s chief external affairs officer, explained what the company plans to do if consumers do not experience lower prices.
Hilly Martinez, Chief External Affairs Officer, Bowen and Bowen Limited: “We issued the release today stating that Bowen and Bowen is a minor shareholder, a 6% shares in it and our position is that we have said in the press release that if the prices do not go down to the wholesalers then we will donate whatever earnings we make to an educational program in Belize. I can’t speak in detail too that I mean we have made a position that if the price doesn’t go down to the wholesalers, not the retailers, then we will donate whatever earnings we make to an educational program. In our release, we said Bowen and Bowen will invest in anything that is good for the country and good for the company and that is exactly what we did.”