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Government & Politics

Will the Municipal Elections see a large turn-out of voters?

According to Election & Boundaries, the 2015 Municipal Elections saw fifty-seven percent of those registered to vote taking part in the voting process. Love news spoke to Joseph Sampson, Lecturer at the University of Belize, who spoke about the trends of the past elections.

Joseph Sampson – Lecturer at the University of Belize

“In Belize, in different parts of the country the intensity of the election and political activities tend to determine the percentage of the electorate that will go to vote and it has varied from as low as 40% in some localities to as high as 80% or so in other localities. Now you have a place like in Orange Walk where election activities are always very intense and their turnout tends to be pretty high, Corozal is another area where the numbers tend to be very high. In terms of the south, you vary somewhere around 60% to 65% of the electorate turning out. San Pedro is another area where you tend to hover around maybe 70% so different areas will reflect different numbers. It is a unique situation in Benque it is kind of a part of Belize that has very strong ties across the border and so political activity in Benque involves both in Benque itself and neighboring Melchor. Now again at one point, Benque used to vote PUP for the last election cycles it has voted UDP.  The people of Belize when they go to vote they tend to shift and sometimes when they shift, they shift dramatically so anything is possible come March 7th.”

Presently, there are one hundred and fifteen thousand registered voters.

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