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Will Musa support Briceno as leader or challenge him?

Will Kareem Musa challenge John Briceno for the PUP leadership? At the end of September, the People’s United Party’s National Party Council met and out of that meeting a decision was made to hold a national convention on November 26.  As a result, the post of Party Leader which John Briceno currently holds will be up for challenge.    Today, the media met with Kareem Musa, the area representative for Caribbean Shores and he was asked to respond to whether or not he will challenge Briceno’s leadership

Kareem Musa – Area Representative for Caribbean Shores

“I haven’t made a decision in that regard as yet. I have spoken with the party leader last week and I indicated to him that since he called the convention and since he did an interview shortly after the convention but naturally what that has done is that I have been getting a lot of calls, many supporters from the party have been asking me to please consider it even though it was never my intention at this stage. We only had a leadership convention 18 months ago and personally I believe it is not in the best interest of the party at this point to be holding a convention. I also indicated that to the party leader. We are months away from a municipal election and that really should be where our focus is on the municipal election so I think it disappointed a lot of our area reps and standard bearers that in fact we are going to be having a convention not necessarily a contested convention but regardless there is a lot of resources that go into a national convention and the message that I have been getting from a lot of the municipalities is that these resources could have been applied to their causes because as you know that should be our focus at this point. But the long and short of your question, the long and short answer is that I am considering it.”

Musa was also asked why he feels that he has the aptitude to be a good leader, after all he only recently came into the political arena after defeating his opponent, Mayor Darrell Bradley, in November 2015 general elections.


Kareem Musa – Area Representative for Caribbean Shores

“But leadership really has almost nothing to do about what you think about yourself and 90% with what others think of you and so my bid for anything cannot come from me personally because I’m not like that; I was minding my own business doing my own work in my constituency and so any bid for leadership is not what I think of myself it’s what others around me and if others are saying that youth is something that is a disadvantage I suggest you take a look at France and Canada and look at the type of leaders they have, they are both 39 years old.”

While Musa would not categorically state that he will be challenging Briceno, he admitted that in the event he does, he has a good support base to do so.


Kareem Musa – Area Representative for Caribbean Shores

“I know my support base I know who has been calling me, I don’t think that they would be supporting any other candidate so it comes down to whether you feel confident in your own numbers, you have to crunch your numbers, you have to get your resources in order…. it’s a lot of things that go into play and none of us expected that a leadership convention would be held now but we have to prepare for it. Personally I don’t like to speak about myself but you’re asking me to, I considered myself to be a very good listener, I think that is important in any leader, I consider myself to be a very strong voice on behalf of people who are taken advantage. On behalf of the opposition I think that I do a fairly good job in the House of Representatives and I think that on a whole whether it is myself of the party we need to get more aggressive when it comes to agitation because there have been a lot of missed opportunities and we cannot as a party afford to have that continue.”