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Who will be the next leader of the UDP?

Prime Minister Patrick Faber and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, last month a third name was thrown out when Hugo Patt entered the conversation.  Yesterday the media asked Belize Rural North area representative, Edmond Castro and Port Loyola area representative Anthony Martinez who they will be supporting for the position.

Edmond Castro – Belize Rural North Area Representative:I believe I will listen to anybody that will give us a good shot but that person must be one; well liked throughout the country, must have the  name recognition and must have the wear-it-all in terms of the fightability to make sure that we could get to Belmopan for the fourth term. The fourth term will not be easy but we have a much better chance to return to Belmopan than the other side.”

Anthony Martinez – Port Loyola Area Representative: “The race is early and I think that as my colleague rightly pointed out that at this time, the main focus of all my colleagues is, the leadership is secondary, primary is getting the goods and services to the people of the constituency and be extension, the people of the country. It’s too early right now, there is still a process. The party will start convention starting November and upward for Standard bearers, for areas that don’t have a representative  and also for areas where the representative will be retiring like myself, Mr. Barrow and Mr. Finnegan as I understand it and Mr. Vega and so it is a long process away.”


The United Democratic Party is expected to hold its leadership convention in May 2019.