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Who will be the next president of CWU?

On Saturday an election will be held to fill the post of President of the Christian Workers Union. Last year, Dale Trujeque resigned as the President of the Union and since then, the union’s Vice President, Basil Brannon has been acting as the President.   The CWU will hold its Annual General Meeting tomorrow and members will get a chance to fill the post. The three candidates vying for the position are Mose Hyde, Wilmore Staine, and Moses Sulph. Sulph told Love News he can move the union forward.

Moses Sulph – CWU’s Presidential Candidate

“I have seen where the other members are lacking some kind of progress and this is what I am going to bring to the membership of the CWU Progress, progress and economic prosperity. I believe in that in modern time that we live in the union is simply beyond just union fees. It has to work towards developing its members through economic development, through different programs that can benefit them also make sure that they are paid fairly in the workplace. One of the other things, I would like to bring back to the union is also I intend for us to start the first union mart and this is a place whereby union members will be given a card and they can purchase things at almost cost price so the union is about progress and I think it hasn’t measured up and I think It has lived up to what it should be or what it can be because it is a very important union.”

The CWU’s Annual General Meeting which will be held at 9:00 o’clock tomorrow morning at the Bishop Sylvester Memorial Center in Belize City.