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Will Other Agencies Join the PUP Expedition

When the PUP held a press conference some weeks ago, they did indicate that they would be inviting the civil society, unions and other agencies to join them.  To date, it is unclear if any of the organizations has decided to join the PUP on their Sarstoon expedition although we can tell you that up to last Friday, things were still fluid.


“Like I said at the last meeting we are definitely going to reconvene our council of management to a meeting depending on what happens after this.”


“We took a vote on whether or not we would support in going with an opposition led contingency and I think there were some significant concerns about it being political but I think that if they don’t use blue t shirts and if the teachers and other members feel in supporting it COLA definitely would support an event like that whether it is led by the opposition or not but we would have to see our partners in who have all started it and consult with them.”