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Will Petrocaribe keep rolling?

Love News has confirmed with a high government official that PetroCaribe is back on track. According to our source, the Venezuelan delegation met with Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow yesterday and it is safe to say that the suspension is expected to be lifted pretty soon. The delegation left today and we understand that the Prime Minister will refer to this latest update during his official Independence Day address in Belmopan. As we had reported, Alba Petrocaribe Limited had decided to suspend all importation of petroleum products from Venezuela under the Petrocaribe agreement. According to Alba Petrocaribe, the company Petróleos de Venezuela had become unreliable in maintaining a reliable supply of products. The Government had warned that because of the suspension, another source of petroleum products will be tapped into. That source comes from El Salvador, which led to the increase of regular and diesel gasoline yesterday. We understand that a shipment of premium gasoline is on its way which will cause an increase in the price of premium gasoline in the coming days.