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Mayor of Belize Bernard Wagner

Mayor of Belize City Bernard Wagner

Will Pier 1 be replaced?

Love News also asked Mayor Wagner about the infamous Pier 1 bar which sits adjacent to the BTL Park on the entertainment strip in Belize City. The park is one of the few places that’s considered child-friendly and family oriented throughout the entire city. The 55 thousand plus residents of Belize City utilize this safe space daily, particularly for family gatherings on weekends. But since the Pier 1 bar had been opened it had been the site of gang fights, stabbing and a murder.  Mayor Wagner says that he would prefer another family type of business to be operated at that facility.

Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize:That is still on; remember that incident occurred just prior to the Christmas break and so not much got done and we are still awaiting word from our attorney. We have our other means of putting pressure on the Pier One facility and we are looking at all those areas. The trade license is up for review: the trade licence, the liquor license and we do have areas where we could exert pressure but we await word from our attorney. I would certainly want to see that facility move, my vision for that area is a facility where the kids could go there: it’s a popcorn, pizza, ice cream type facility where the kids could enjoy our waterfront and it would blend in better with the park.”

PIER 1 had been granted a contract by the previous UDP City Council. Mayor Wagner says the Council’s attorney is examining the Pier 1 contract.