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Will PM Briceno’s Speech at Summit of the Americas Come with Repercussions?

It’s the speech heard across the Americas and one that the NY Times described as remarkable. We are referring to Prime Minister John Briceno’s stinging speech he delivered while he attended the Summit of the Americas last week. In his speech, Briceno upbraided US President Joe Biden for not inviting three countries including Cuba and Venezuela. But will his speech come with repercussions? That’s what the media asked him today…

Hon. John Briceno, Prime Minister of Belize: “I don’t think so. I simply don’t think that will happen. We continue to have a good relationship with the United States we have just been recently awarded a compact with the MCC and we continue to work in getting that program off the ground. No I was not publicly chastising the president. I need to point out first that it was publicly known what was CARICOM’s position and I went there to speak as the chairman of CARICOM and at the same time for Belize. Belize has been very clear that the Summit of the Americas should be inclusive. It is a summit that is geographic that’s defined by geography not by ideology and felt strongly that all countries should be invited so I was speaking on behalf of CARICOM but at the same time we in Belize have also expressed that position.”