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Will police charge parents for toddler that drowned?

Assistant Superintendent Cowo also spoke about the investigation into the death of the 11 month old toddler, Marianne Vasquez who drowned in a bucket of water in the Belama area of Belize City. Cowo says no charges have been made against the parents Daren Vasquez and Marina Torres.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “On Tuesday just before midnight Police were called the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they observed an 11 month old baby apparently dead. The information the Police has gathered so far is that just sometime after 8:30 the baby was along with family members at Albert Hoy St.  whilst the mother was preparing supper for the family members. Apparently the baby was left inside the room along with a minor however they sent the minor to purchase some items at a store and upon his return everybody began to question or ask where was the baby and that is when they became concerned that they could not locate her inside of the house. A check made inside of the bathroom is where they found the baby submerged in a bucket containing water.