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Will Police Department Stop Using Police Prison Van?

Since Uh’s death, many entities and members of the public are calling for the police prison van to no longer be used. Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa has gone on record to say that the prison van should not have been used to hold a detainee. Commissioner Williams agrees. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “That is the view of the minister and myself and the minister spoke about it and I expressed to the minister my view and why I would not kill the officers for that and the minister is right. The proper thing to have done, and I believe I had also said this when I went on “Sun Up” that the proper thing for the officers to have done was to. When you detain somebody, you get the vehicle, ferry them to the Corozal Police Station and properly detain them at the Corozal Police Station. The van certainly should not have been used but again, in the absence of resources, vehicular resources, which we know that all the stations across the country are short of severely, they were trying to improvise by using the van and they did so. While yes there’s no policy for the use of the van in such a form, because had the right thing been done in terms of making sure that the proper handing over of the van was done when they got to the station then this would not have occurred.”


Reporter: Mr. Bradley, Dickie Bradley is calling on you to get rid of that, oven within that oven. 


Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I do agree with Mr. Bradley’s comment that there may be a need for us to revisit the way how the van is structured and make it more humanised. So it is something that we’re going to look at. I’m going to task Mr. Rosado, who is the Deputy in charge of operations to look at it and see what we can do to try and transform it in someway or the other.”

Reporter: All the prisoner vans countywide are not the same or yes?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “All of them are the same and like I said. Yes. Those are the types of vans that are used practically globally to transport prisoners.”

Reporters: Wow. How many do we have?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “We have one for the north, one for the west and one for the south. We had one for Belize City but that was destroyed in a fire on its way to Hattieville about three or four months ago.”