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Will Stephen Buckley Every Be Fully Compensated?

Belize City resident Stephen Buckley was shot in the head by Inspector Dennis Lopez in 2010. The injuries left him disabled and unable to work. He sued the government and was awarded a large sum of money. He managed to collect a hundred thousand dollars but more than a decade after, Buckley is still asking for the rest of his money. Attorney Richard Bradley explains. 

Richard “Dickie” Bradley, Attorney: “We represented him in getting the first payment, $100,000 paid to him in two installments of $50,000 each which myself and the media accompanied him from the Treasury Department right down the street here to the St.John’s Credit Union where he deposited his first fifty and where he deposited his second fifty. His lawyer did not charge him a single cent, he ended up you say from rags to riches and then back to rags again but to my knowledge I know the previous Solicitor General Elston Kaseke and also the other gentleman who has gone to Guyana Nigel Hawke was trying to assist him to get the balance. I think the government at that time doesn’t even want to give him more money but he is entitled to the fullest extent. He was a man who was working, he had all the use of his limbs and now he is crippled, he is walking dragging one foot, I  think he can’t use his two arms, I don’t know if I should say but there is a possibility that he can’t have any sexual relationship which that should be half a million dollars in Belize alone. A young man can’t have sex because you shot me front on through my windshield that is a terrible thing you know.”