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Will The BNTU’s Industrial Actions Affect Classes?

We also asked Senator Smith about the re-opening of face to face classes. Sixty one schools applied to return to face-to-face classes on April twelve and one hundred and sixty-one schools have applied to return on May ten. Depending on how the trade dispute between the Joint Unions and the Government unfolds in the coming days, Senator Smith says that it will definitely affect the phased-in return of students to the classroom.

Elena Smith, President, BNTU: “The schools do apply to the ministry for them to be given the approval for them to have face to face classes and so we’ve seen a few who have opened that have opened thus far and we have some who have said that they will continue to do online until the new school year because really and truly at this point in time for a lot of them, especially the fourth formers, it’s almost over for them. So it’s like why bring them to school having to go through all that expense to come to school and you have to provide lunch for them everyday because they can’t leave the compound some of them, when we can continue to do our online classes and they will still get what they need to get. So some of them will be there, some will not be there, whether our actions will affect what it is that they will be doing it definitely will that’s a part of industrial action.”

That was Senator Elena Smith, the president of the Belize National Teachers’ Union.