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Will the Boost Program be Booted?

Yesterday we told you of the IMF Report that has indicated that Belize’s economic situation has worsened and they have recommended several actions for the Government to take in order to stabilize its economic situation.  One of those proposed actions is to tighten up on spending; while Government has not responded to the report, there are several programs at risk should the Barrow administration look at cutting expenditure.  With that in mind, we asked the CEO in the Ministry of Human Development, Judith Alpuche on how safe the Boost Program is from being cut and how confident she is that it will go on.


There is also the Food Pantry program where the working class has had access to basic food supplies at a substantial discounted rate.  CEO Alpuche says that an estimated four hundred families are currently benefitting and it is an initiative that is evolving.


Back in 2012, Belize was recognized by the World Bank as having the best social protection programme particularly the Boost initiative.  BOOST is the acronym for Building Opportunities for Our Social Transformation.