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Who will win the Hackathon competition?

On November 9, a total of six teams competed in a first pitch Hackathon Competition that was held by the Small Business Development Center Belize (SBDC) of BELTRAIDE.  From the first competition, three teams advanced to the second pitch which is being held today, namely, SAI INFO, Belize High School Hackers, and LXJ Corozal Junior College/University of Belize. This year’s participants were tasked with developing an app for the healthcare profession. Love news spoke with Tomas Gongora, the Senior Marketing Officer at BELTRAIDE who says that every year Beltraide selects a problem that the country is facing and engages young minds through the Hackathon competition to encourage them to devise innovative solutions.

Thomas Gongora Sr. Marketing Officer, BELTRAIDE: “What’s called a problem statement and it was centered around the connectivity of the Medical profession to the general public so Hospitals, Pharmacies, private Doctors, Healthcare providers and clinics should all be integrated and be at the fingertips through one app or website for people to go on and see who is the nearest Healthcare provider for what their specific need is at the time. One of the main things that they had to do was actually produce a video pitch which would be like a one minute advertisement of their product actually explaining how their products work and what it does not show will benefit the general public. They also had to come up with a powerpoint presentation that explains their product in great detail that is talking about the coding language that they use, what platforms they are going to be using. Is it an app? Is it a website? Is it both? How did they integrate with the different providers on how they are going to be using the app? They had to go and actually research how to get all of these things done and actually put it into working form. On top of that there is a business aspect to this, there had to be one person on the team who is very business savvy who will explain how this product will be rolled out, how it will be profitable and sustainable and what there plans for expansion are in the future.

The winner of the competition will be announced at a Beltraide event which takes place next week Friday. The winner walks away with three thousand five hundred dollars, second place receives two thousand five hundred dollars and third place receives one thousand five hundred dollars. Last year’s winner was Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College.