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William Mason Says His Vehicle Was Searched in His Absence

Tonight, we take you back to the night of Friday, July 15, 2016.  This is the night that the chapter on the Mason saga would begin unravelling after the head of well-known Pastor Llewellyn Lucas was found in a bucket inside the pan of a pickup truck.  July 18 saw the authorities including the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar hold a press conference to discuss the reactivating of the Gang Suppression Unit but found that topic taking a back seat to the Lucas homicide.  At that press conference, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Russel Blackett gave the police’s version as to what transpired and how the head was found, saying that they were on to William Mason for some time and the police had chosen to move in on him that night.  As a refresher, we bring back that interview from July 18.


“I got invited to go to the bar by a gentleman by the name of Jesus Castillo and I ended up going to that bar with my staff  and it’s a normal thing, I haven’t seen him for a while he hasn’t seen me for a while and after I had stopped at the bar the police came and searched everybody. I was sitting down and I couldn’t see anything and I got up and intervened and asked what the issue was and they never said anything to the point where they went to search my car and I asked them if they had a warrant and they said they wanted to search my car. Well I go “Well it seems like I’m being targeted for something.” When I went back for my key it wasn’t at the table and someone disappeared with my key and a lot of people went away from the bar. The whole place was packed with a lot of cars, a lot of police came in things like that. I didn’t have a clue what was going on.”


“Were you present when they claimed that they found that bucket in your vehicle? Were you around when you searched your vehicle ?”


“I was very distant from that area. What happened is that they arrested all my guys and took my guys to the police station and then they took me to my house to get the keys for the car, a backup key because we couldn’t find the key. When I went to the house my wife came down with the key and then we came back. We were not present at the car at the time they found what they found.”

In a telephone conversation that our reporter, Renee Trujillo had with William Mason yesterday afternoon, Mason went into a little more detail on how the incident unfolded.


“I just want to say for the record, anything that happens to me and my wife I will make public three videos that are going to go worldwide. My wife has nothing to do with anything whatsoever. Mr. Blackett has indicated to me in the past  that he is going to arrest me, my wife and take us to the gutters.”


“To who had he made that public?”


“To everyone at the police station, everyone around the scene of the crime. He had me in his office three times privately speaking with him for two hours at a time. He is targeting us for no reason at all and with this police brutality that is going on it has to end.”

As we told you yesterday, Mason’s wife, Melissa Ferguson was charged for conspiracy to kidnapping and for that she was remanded to the Belize Central Prison.  William Mason spoke to the charges against his wife and has committed to release the evidence he holds.



When Mason was asked why he has been delaying the presentation of evidence that he has been claiming he has; this is how he responded.


“One of the questions that a lot of people are asking right now, why are you delaying in revealing the evidence that you say you have against these officers?”


“Because nobody wants me to talk, I’m locked down. I get a five minute phone call my lawyers can’t see me when they need to see me, I’m shackled left right and center I can’t talk. I am completely in a cell isolated from everybody I can’t speak. There is a lot I have to say, I’m going to do this for the people of Belize and Belizeans need to know the truth about these corruptions and all these other things that they are doing.”

As it relates to Melissa Ferguson, up to this morning she was still locked up at the Belmopan Police Station pending transfer to the Belize Central Prison.  Her attorney, Richard Bradley says they will be seeking bail.