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William Mason’s Farm-Hand Recalls July 15, 2016

masons-farm-455 days ago the head of Llewellyn Lucas was uncovered in the pan of a pickup truck belonging to Raj Teddy Oulette better known as William ‘Donny’ Mason.  The discovery sent shock waves around the country as pockets of society screamed for justice in the tragic homicide.  The discovery of Lucas’ head, however, was only the beginning of a saga that would see senior police officers, Cabinet ministers and public officers fingered in questionable transactions and business arrangements. With all the national issues coming to the forefront including the immigration audit, the BTL arbitration among others, the Mason reports seem to have taken the backseat.  Love News, however, visited the farm yesterday and spoke with one of the farmworkers who took us back to July 15, 2016, hours before Lucas’ murder and the start of the Mason saga.


“It was a busy day, we were chopping, raking up and making everything clean. We were working on greenhouses and planting. If you look over there, the sweet pepper plants those were just getting transplanted because we had a lot of seed there. All of this was clean right here, we were chopping it looked like a park it was clean and pretty. So at that time we were out here chopping with weed eaters and lawn mowers and we were just chopping all around here.”

As you heard from the farmworker, it was an ordinary day and from his account, William Mason was in and out of the farm making sure his animals were well.


“He was busy at his house, he had some work at his house – the veranda and stuff like that.  So when he came here it was kind of late because that is a lot of work. He came and checked on the farm as usual, he had a love for animals and he made sure that all of his animals were okay and made sure the place was clean. When he would come he would just drive around, look and make sure everything was in order. So I was back there chopping, when I approached I saw him washing his horse, and he was seeing some sores on the knees of the horse so instant he went for medication and he gave them injections and all the proper medication for his horses to make sure they were okay. So then he was doing that and he was looking at the hay and he told us that it was too little and told us to put more and make sure that they had enough. He loved his animals to be well fed and that is the last time I saw him.”masons-farm-2


“That was about what time on that Friday?”


“I can’t recall, it was after 3:30pm because after that when I’m working I don’t have a watch so when I come from watch it’s just straight through because this place is big.”

The farm worker, who remains on the ranch attending to the animals despite the murder allegations against his employer, told Love News that there was never anything out of the ordinary or hostile about William Mason.  He says Mason was always concerned about feeding the poor; helping in agricultural initiatives and attending to his animals.  Our visit at the ranch lasted for more than two hours; we will share more on our conversation with the farm worker and Melissa Ferguson as the days go by.