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Williams says most of their resources are focused on the Old Capital

Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who is Commander of Operations deploys police officers to different areas to conduct special operations as the need arise. Williams said that his department focuses primarily on Belize City in conducting these special operations in an effort to maintain law and order.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations: “Well every formation has its compliments of Police Officers and they are expected to Police their area with the officers that are assigned to those respective areas. Whenever it is or whenever there is a situation where there is a need to have additional Police Officers for the purpose of conducting Special Operations and so forth then I would normally deploy the SPO or the MIT to those areas to assist in doing those special operations. Belize City as you know is the area that is most problematic in terms of policing and so we must concentrate most of our resources in Belize City with a view to see how we can minimize the occurrences of gang related incidents because when you have gang related incidents spiraling over then the entire society becomes unease because sometimes innocent persons are caught up in the mix and we don’t want to have situations where we have women and children being targeted as a result of gang rivalries so we will continue to focus in Belize City while not neglecting other parts of the country.”