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Willoughby appointed to NICH’s board of directors

Former four-time City Councilor, Philip Willoughby landed on his feet after losing in the Belize City Council elections. Willoughby was offered a job at the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO. However, his time at NEMO will be short, since he was informed that he could not continue to work for NEMO and pursue his political career at the same time.   As a result, Willoughby decided to tender his resignation and follow his political dream. He has thrown his hat in the ring to run in the Port Loyola Division against several others to be the UDP standard bearer for the 2020 general elections.  After his resignation was submitted there were questions as to where he would turn up. Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber confirmed that Willoughby has been appointed to NICH’s board of directors.

Patrick Faber, Deputy Prime Minister:“Yes it is. I can confirm that Mister Willoughby is appointed to the NICH Board. I believe he brings a tremendous ability to work in that area. You know that he has been very involved in the work of the city—not only the city, he brings a lot of the table so we have appointed Mister Willoughby. Yes. It is not a job that Mister Willoughby has been given at NICH; serving on the board is not a job; it is not a paid position whatsoever. So it is neither here or there whether that allows him to run. My understanding if you are asking me separately of his appointment to the NICH Board. He was told as the case with other people who are aspiring that you cannot hold a government job whether it is by your official appointment or by a contract, because the contract has a stipulation in there that says that you are to be treated with just as if you were a member of public service, that you would not be able to offer yourself as a candidate and the UDP being what it is; the UDP Government being what it is, always trying to do the right thing said to those persons, you will have to make a decision. Either you choose not to run or if you choose to run, you will have to vacate the office that you hold. “

Willoughby is one of four persons appointed to the board.