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Willoughby speaks about political aspirations

After a defeat at the polls back in March, former City Councilor Philip Willoughby was employed by the National Emergency Management Organization. Willoughby had expressed a desire to seek higher office and submitted his name as a candidate for the United Democratic Party in the Port Loyola Division. On July 11th Willoughby sent in his resignation letter as it was pointed out that he could not hold a public job and seek office at the same time. In his first letter Willoughby offered to serve out his three-month notice however yesterday he wrote another letter, this time stating that he would resign effective this Friday. Willoughby may be out but he’s certainly not in the cold as he has the support of UDP’s Deputy Party Leader Patrick Faber and possibly even John Saldivar, We asked Willoughby to explain why the change of heart.

Phillip Willoughby, Political Aspirant: “At the original or the first letter of resignation I followed the contract to the letter within the law that I would have had to have given the Ministry three months’ notice if I wanted to resign or a one month salary in advance because I had, the time had lapsed of which I was in the post for three months hence that section of the contract had to be implemented or acted upon within the manner in which I structured or framed the resignation letter. As a result of that it simply put I cannot be employed by the Government and people of Belize and be embarking on my aspirations for the Port Loyola constituency so no ill feelings, no hard feelings. Let’s do things the proper way and according to the letter of the law I have followed such and I have done such.”

Willoughby is hoping to represent the UDP in Port Loyola however it is a contested election where other candidates including the Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte have also submitted their names. Willoughby said all things being considered, he sees himself as the better candidate and believes his body of work should give him an advantage.

Phillip Willoughby, Political Aspirant: “I am committed I am dedicated, hardworking, forward thinking all of that you know that rhetoric politicians come with I think people get tired of hearing the normal standard routine but here’s the thing with me and where I stand- for the last twelve years whatever could have been said I have for and on behalf of Belize City proper. I am saying and I’m asking the residents, each and every single person living in the Port Loyola constituency, if you look at that of my service to the entire city look at what I can do if I focus on this place called Port Loyola I will be able to do much more and you will definitely see and feel the effects, live the changes and improvement of one’s quality of life. I can bring that to them. People may say well it’s just the typical red and blue scenario being played out going into a convention then an election. I have demonstrated the wherewithal and my characterization as Phillip Willoughby in the Majestic Alley fire of which is a PUP stronghold so to speak I engaged with the honorable area representative and I worked with him through that crisis for and on behalf of his people. I went into the Mayflower area and did the same, I went into Southside Belize City and did the same, I went into the Conch Shell Bay area and did the same you see? And this is what people are seeing; when a disaster or a crisis occurs Phillip Willoughby is there to work for people so it’s just not typical business as usual when you see me engaging with people.”

We will have more of our conversation with Willoughby in tomorrow’s newscast.