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Willoughby Unfazed by Lack of Support

Yesterday Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley publicly endorsed City Councilor Dion Leslie in his bid for the UDP Mayoral Candidate. After two terms Bradley decided to step aside due to personal reasons but is still holding on to the hopes of one day becoming an area representative. And while he attempts to make that dream a reality, he will be campaigning for Leslie.Councilor Phillip Willoughby has also decided to go for the mayor’s position under the UDP banner so today we asked him if it worries him that his opponent has the mayor’s backing.


Hearing it doesn’t faze my campaign as such I believe to this end I have done an excellent job in relation to the responsibilities I had coming to City Hall from 2006. I have equipped myself with a Master’s degree so I can wear the necktie and suit in the boardroom and conference as well as I have the balance to be out in the public on the softer side dealing with social issues as well so no that doesn’t faze me one bit and it doesn’t impact my position and stance to get out there and work even hard and that is what I am known for working hard. You can check my report card; you can check my commitment and dedication to the city that speaks volumes for itself. I am still on the ground in the communities working in programs and projects that will benefit these challenged communities and youth as well as programs and projects that benefit the city on a whole as well as giving that touch to individuals. Who was the face of that individual who faced those challenges? It was me. Who was out there dealing with the public managing a disaster like Hurricane Earl before during and after? Who did you see so judge me based on the report card that is before you not based on a single person coming to say this is the individual you should support or vote for. You vote your mind based on the work that you have seen me do and accomplish. Look at the report card, look at the commitment, and look at the dedication nobody can stack up against that and I’m just saying you know what Mayor Bradley isn’t running fine fair enough good. Here we have someone who we see and know in our communities every day who at the touch of a call I am there and know where to find me. Remember also I still live on South Side Belize City.”