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Willoughby was abandoned in his fight for the Mayor’s position

But many of the Senior Area Representatives of the United Democratic Party did not support Phillip Willoughby in his bid for the mayor’s position. Dion Leslie defeated Willoughby by Six Hundred and Eighty-Five votes. On Sunday, we saw the UDP Albert Division Committee working extremely hard to get Leslie elected. It is a sore point for Willoughby who had stepped aside for the now area representative Tracy Taegar-Panton to run in that position. Here are his thought on that particular matter.

Phillip Willoughby – City Councilor

‘We ran our campaign. I concede to losing and I accept that so we don’t need to sit here and belabor the point which area representative did or did not, or what could have done, or did not contribute. I accept that. I am saying to the people who supported me if it is that we are going to move forward we need to unite the new Mayoral UDP candidate which is Mr. Leslie, support him and support the ten Councilor candidates of which I am a part of.  Democracy is what it is, she has the right to support if she liked a candidate and she chose her candidate. I can’t be upset or mad at anyone for choosing side.

Jules Vasquez

“Man but basic loyalty, Phil?”

Phillip Willoughby – City Councilor

“Does that exist?”