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Philip Wiloughby - UDP Standard Bearer

Willoughby working to make life better for the people of Port Loyola

Former City Councilor Philip Willoughby is the recently elected UDP Standard Bearer for the Port Loyola division. Earlier this month, Willoughby defeated Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, Dean Samuels and Shane AC Castillo for the position.   Willoughby is now hoping to deliver on his promise to make Port Loyola a better place for its residents. In this regard, he will be hosting a consultation session with the community to learn of the problems in an effort to bring about a solution. Love News spoke with Willoughby about this initiative.

Phillip Willoughby UDP Standard Bearer, Port Loyola: “We will be hosting our very first public consultation within the constituency for the residence living behind what is Jane Usher Blvd. proper. This consist of all the streets in between and connecting with Jane Usher Blvd. so that’s Jane Usher Blvd., J R St, Ariel Hall St. and there is Louis Bevans St. Some of the concerns that I see and I can only tell you what I  saw, there are some lighting issues, there are London Bridges behind here, there are housing issues, there are lots that needs to be filled. This is the first of eleven, what I have done because the Port Loyola consistency is huge in essence and in number and size we have broken down the constituency into eleven areas and each area has a area leader and in those areas and we will have a consultation for each one of them.

Willoughby added that he is working to erase the stigma which is attached to this area.

Phillip Willoughby UDP Standard Bearer, Port Loyola: “The packets of young men that are concerned across the Port Loyola, I have begun to dialogue with them. I will share my views with them, my positions with them and I believe it’s all about inclusion and how we mitigate and immediate between rivalries or tension.”

The consultation commences at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday at Jane Usher Boulevard basketball court.