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Willows Bank Villagers Need Access to Water

A resident of Willow’s Bank Village in the Belize District has come to the media in the hopes that the challenges the villagers currently face would be addressed.  Rose Perriot has a house in Willows Bank along with five other families but they have been living without access to potable water and the only well in the village is separated by bush and mud.  Perriot told Love News that there have been attempts by the Government of Belize to address the issue but in order to have water running in the village, they will need access to the road that leads to the slaughterhouse.  The only problem with that is that a resident in the area has claimed ownership of the road and has prohibited the installation of the pipes and has also forbid the residents to use the road to traverse the area.


Perriot says that a day like today where they had no water to bathe or drink, the children were unable to leave home.

When it comes to accessing water for their household, they would have to get it from the creek nearby which is not easily accessible.

Minister Edmond Castro is the Area Representative and according to Perriott, he is aware of the situation.

We tried contacting Castro for comment earlier today but our calls went unanswered.