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Woman accused of Killing woman that was in a relationship with her husband

A single mother of four was killed after 7 on Sunday night in the Cayo District. The victim and her suspected killer are both residents of Bullet Tree Village. Love News travelled to Bullet Tree and spoke to a neighbor, the village chairman and the eldest daughter of the victim about what could have caused the death of one woman and the whereabouts of her killer.  

Jose Sanchez: “Past San Ignacio Town and beneath the hills of Bullet Tree Village the peace was interrupted on Sunday night as blood was shed. There was a violent encounter between two women that was fatal. The village Chairman Tai Wu knew both women but was equally shocked about the violence in the quiet village.”

Bullet Tree Chairman – Tai Wu: “ I know the person is a good person, every day they would pass and talk to me in a nice way but since last night I heard this news and it gave me a big surprise that Miss Warrior stabbed somebody from the new area. First I thought she was stabbed by one of the family members so I still tried to find out who it was because I didn’t want to get half of the news. I continue and find out that the victim was Ms. Yolanda. I know the victim too because she used to work upstairs doing cleaning jobs for the court. I know her good too, we would always talk when we see each other.”

Jose Sanchez: “In the new area of Bullet Tree 49-year-old Yolanda Elviro Requena went up the road from her house to meet Mr. Warrior at his farmhouse. This would be a fatal interaction as Miss Thelma Warrior was not at her home in the village but at the Warrior farmhouse.”

Estevan Perez – Lives Near Warrior Farm: “It was a friend and a neighbor, I feel really bad, I know them as friends. I don’t really keep up with them, I just know them as friends and neighbors.”

Jose Sanchez: “It is not known what discussion transpired between the women except that it was a matter of the heart. Miss Thelma Warrior inflicted one wound to Requena’s chest. Yolanda Requena’s daughter Rose confirmed that her mom and the married man were in a relationship.”

Rose Gonzalez – Daughter of Yolanda Elvira Requena: “She is a jovial person and everybody who knows her knows her for that friendly outgoing person that she was. She worked at the Magistrate Court for fourteen years and just a fun person that we will always remember.”

Jose Sanchez:” Difficult question to ask because there are a lot of rumors floating around. What was the nature of your mother’s relationship with Mr. Warrior as far as you are aware?”

Rose Gonzalez – Daughter of Yolanda Elvira Requena: “As far as I am aware they had a relationship but I would not like to comment more on that you know because there will be a lot of rumors but I know my mom, we know what she lived but as far as I know they were in a relationship. From what I understand is that he had asked her to bring a plate of food for him. What we know is that she got one stab wound to the heart, she tried to get out and that is where she collapsed. I don’t know much but I know there was an exchange of text. That is all I know, she wouldn’t tell us anything so we don’t know but that is also something that the police are investigating.”

Jose Sanchez: “Now this relationship, was it something new, was it something that has been ongoing for years?”

Rose Gonzalez – Daughter of Yolanda Elvira Requena: “I am not aware of that so I wouldn’t be able to comment on that.”

Bullet Tree Chairman – Tai Wu: “We don’t trust rumors, we do not believe in rumors so I believe the police will do good in this case so we are waiting for the police to issue the initial statement. This morning we have been thinking over, trying to help the two minors because it is a sin. Help them finish school you know, help them to settle down again.”

Rose Gonzalez – Daughter of Yolanda Elvira Requena: “She left behind my brother, he is in his mid-twenties, I am not sure, my sister who is seventeen and my baby sister who is fifteen. It is hard because she was the breadwinner, both the mom and the dad of our household. Growing up as kids it was only my mom and four of us. It is hard because they took away our everything and my mom’s only wish was to see my little sister graduate from high school but I guess I will live that wish. What comforts me most is that we did all that we did, we loved our mom. We cared for her, we always had great family times, everybody that knew her would know that my mom would never and I repeat, would never start the altercation or whatever happened. All I want is justice because you cannot plan someone’s death if you don’t give them life.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Police Department is seeking Thelma Warrior for questioning in relation to Requena’s murder. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”