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Woman and Infant Die in Road Traffic Accident

A woman and a child were killed this evening in a road traffic incident near mile ten on the George Price Highway. According to reports the incident involved at least three vehicles and left another woman injured. Love News was on the scene moments after the incident occurred and spoke to one of the motorists involved, Carlos Ariaza.

Carlos Ariaza, Truck Driver: “I was coming heading to Belize and the next truck that was heading to Rockville he was overtaking the little small vehicle and then he hit the dump truck that was in front of me first and I was not seeing that a little car was on the right side on the opposite side where I was going. So he almost hit my mirrors too and when I gave him a break for him to go in because I got closer to the railing when I saw the little car was just spinning right in front of me and the little car gone and just hit my truck. The dump truck just passed and he almost hit my mirrors because I just gave him a little break I got closer to the railing when I saw the little car was just spinning right in front of me and I just geared down one gear, I just got the chance to gear down one and mash my brakes hard and you could go right side of my truck you can get the measurements maybe like fifteen to twenty feet the most or ten that I moved after I started brakes so I think my rig have some nice brakes because I did my best but I still hit the car and as I just hit the car I stopped down and I came out of my truck to see what’s happening and I saw the baby stuck there and so I just reversed and little bit to the back and I was calling the next guy from the dump truck and he doesn’t want to come and help. As I stopped and I saw the baby was stuck I reversed back a little bit for us to get a break to pull out the baby. As we pulled out the baby the baby died.”

Details into this incident are still unfolding at this time. We will keep you posted.