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Woman Attacked and Robbed in her Home

Today police shared a bit more on what transpired on Wednesday morning after four men assaulted a woman in her apartment on Fuller’s Alley and robbed her of thousands of dollars in cash. The incident ended up with police shooting after the suspects. ASP Alejandro Cowo said that it all happened after they pursued the men and caught up with them on Tigris Street.

ASP Alejandro Cowo

“We received the information as a result. The information was shared via the police control room radio that the vehicle was seen leaving from a certain location and from there the police start to track the vehicle and start to pursue the vehicle from the north side coming into the Southside. During the pursuit the police had fired some shots after the vehicle; however, the persons that were driving the vehicle managed to escape but I am pretty sure yes it was the police who fired two or three shots while they were pursuing the vehicle.”


“So might these two shots have injured any of the persons inside?”


“The person that was injured is presently in custody and it is not a gunshot injury that he has.”

According to police, the man who was injured attempted to escape and cut his arm on a zinc fence. The incident happened shortly before eleven o’clock on Wednesday morning. Reports are that the businesswoman had just received money when she was attacked in her house on Fuller’s Alley. Sometime during the ordeal, she sustained a cut above her eye. Seven persons are in police custody for questioning.