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Woman attempts to kidnap Belizean girl in Chetumal City, Mexico

What should have been a relaxing Easter holiday with the family ended in a frightful experience in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico for Linda Bailey, her mother and her six year old daughter, Empress. Bailey told Love News today that her family has made it a tradition to spend the Easter break in Chetumal, since she was a child, but, after her daughter was almost kidnapped, those plans will change starting next year. According to the still shaken mother, had it not been for her child’s quick response, she may have been kidnapped by a woman and a man. Bailey said it happened on Sunday night at a park in that city, just after her family had dinner.


Linda Bailey, Mother: “We had just finished eating from Apple Bees and I decided to take my baby to the park to play because she wanted to go on the rides so she rode about 15 minutes and after I told her lets go but she wasn’t ready so she said mommy I could please go on the trampoline so I said ok so while on the trampoline I saw some of my cousins playing this virtual video game so I ask my mommy to please keep an eye on Empress for me until she is finished and then bring her over there to play the game but after I finish playing the game me and my sister my baby ran to me and she mommy I could please play the game and I said no, let’s go. So when I told her lets go she was upset so my mommy and my sister walk ahead with my nephew and then me and Empress was walking behind and then somehow she managed to let go my hands so afterwards I didn’t even notice it because the incident happen so quickly I heard” mommy” and she screamed and when I turn around she came and she was trembling and hugging me and I ask Empress what happened and she is like mommy that lady is trying to carry me, she di try carry me and so mean while she was telling me that a Spanish lady approached us and told us and was speaking in Spanish and told me and was touching her head and like said “Me gusta” and she was touching her hair so I put one and one together and I said oh she say she like her hair so the lady disappeared after that and I saw her and a man walking when I look back and afterwards I yelled for my mom and so Empress said so mommy she had me in my clothes and she was pulling me and talking me to me in Spanish and was taking me and then my mommy say no let’s go and look for this lady so we turn back and we look and we saw them on a bench and we started to follow them but I had my baby behind me and she was trembling and we followed them for about ten minutes in the park and afterwards my mom approach them and my mom said you see my baby, don’t mess with my baby, with the bad word and my mom showed her a fist and the lady just watched my mommy and smiled.”

Six year old Empress also shared her experience, saying she no longer has any interest in visiting Chetumal again.


Empress Ariola: “I let my mom hand go so then I wanted to play the game so I run back way then I was walking slow and watch the game and I have my head sideway; I think this lady come from back way and I thought she was going front way to buy something or what she just come front of me and drag me here and I hurry shub her,  then I run to my mommy, then I hail my mommy and I tell my mommy what happened because she tried to carry me, I feel real scared.”

Dalilah Ical: Is this the first time somebody, an adult, has ever done that to you?

Child: “Yes Ms.”

Bailey and her family returned to their hotel after their confrontation with the woman. The following morning during breakfast they met two women who, after telling them what had happened, called the police. A local reporter was also present.


Linda Bailey, Mother: “They don’t think the people are from Chetumal, they think they are either from Playa or Cancun and they come when the Easter time and o take away children.”

Dalilah Ical: How did they look can you describe the lady?

Linda Bailey, Mother: “The lady is in her late forties early fifties, about 5ft 5in; she had on a big blue jacket and a black pants. The man he is about 5ft 8in between to about 6ft and he doesn’t walk normal and something is wrong with one of his eye. He is a white man with blondish whitish hair.”

Dalilah Ical: Did he ever say anything to you when your mother approached?

Linda Bailey, Mother: “No he didn’t mention anything, he just watched my baby, and the lady and the man just watch my baby as to intimidate her.”

Dalilah Ical: How has this affected you?

Linda Bailey, Mother: “It has really affected me; I am not going back to Chetumal. I told my baby, she doesn’t want to go back to Chetumal. I told my baby she is not going back until she is about 16 or 18 until she can make her own decisions because honestly Miss up to now I am not sleeping when I think about where they would have taken my baby you know what would she have gone through so that worry me. I am happy she did not go but it is still on my mind what would they have done to her. I just want to say that people please when you go over to Chetumal and you decide to take your child please be very aware because I am a parent who am very strict with my baby and I don’t let her out of my sight and in just that split of a second I could have lost my baby; please hold their hands.”

Bailey says that after sharing her ordeal with family members, a cousin told her that she also experienced something similar at least one year ago when a woman and a man had also tried to take her daughter. A second mother also revealed to Bailey that she also had a similar encounter, again with a man and a woman as they tried to take her child.  These other cases all reportedly happened in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico and in both other cases, the woman pretended to compliment the children’s hair.