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Woman Blames Hospital For Losing Baby

A mother of the San Martin Area in Belmopan is in mourning after she went into labor and lost her baby at the Western Regional Hospital.  Correspondent Fem Cruz reports as the mother blames the hospital for her loss.


“On July 16 I wake up with a terrible pain on two of my breasts and my concern was I haven’t seen my period for two months; when I took my pregnancy test it came out negative.  On Monday the 20th of July when he (doctor) see me, I told him so immediately he examined me and told me that I was admitted in the hospital. When they sent me there one of the nurses didn’t want to attend to me and made a comment that I wasn’t pregnant so she’s not going to deal with me but otherwise one of the nurse did start to full out the form for me. By twelve o clock they took out two small tube of blood from me and then they started to give me some antibiotics although they didn’t know what was the cause of my condition they still had me on serious antibiotics and everything was through IV. Most of the nurses were really rough with me and the doctors too. They had me admitted in the hospital like I tell you guys, from the 20th of July till the 27th of July but during that time they see my breast not getting better so the doctor on Friday he saw me, he told the nurses to tell me that by twelve  o’clock I am not supposed to eat or drink anything till he sees me in the morning until he decide what to do. So the nurses told me and then I asked them what he means by that and they said that it means they will go and give you a surgery. By Saturday morning he went and check me and he says he strongly believe I have an abscess in my breast or pus so when he told me that he told me also that I was going to take a surgery because he need to see what is in there. By 3:30  I went into the theatre room; after that I wake up and I feel that my right breast was burning me. When I wake up and I went to the bathroom, when I cleaned myself I see blood I asked the doctor the following day although he ignore me the following day I found out by Monday when he came and check on me what happened but after my surgery he told me they didn’t find any abscess nor pus then I asked him what he took out from my breast. He said nothing only water come out. He asked me if I knock my breast or if I was on any contraceptive pill which I know I had none of that. I sure of that so after that he said he would give me some pills that will make I urine more than the usual so after that he no see me again until Monday morning. By Monday morning he come and tell me that I was going home but I tell him I still no feeling good so he said this is not a hotel, you need to go and recover home.  After he send me home and I am already waiting on my medicine and my papers he said to me I need to do a pelvic ultrasound. When he tell me to do that pelvic ultrasound and by Thursday July 30 I went to do my pelvic ultrasound. When I went to do my pelvic ultrasound the doctor said you were pregnant five weeks five days and your baby is dead. When he told me that he said go back to the same doctor with these results.”