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Woman Brutally Stabbed by Common-Law Husband

Domestic violence is a crime that occurs in the home and often goes unreported.  But in Belmopan, the parents of a three month old child were involved in a public altercation . Love News travelled to Maya Mopan Village and spoke to the eyewitnesses, one who had to break a chair over the head of a man to stop him from repeatedly stabbing Alba Elizabeth Chavez.

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “Maya Mopan is a very peaceful village behind our Capital Belmopan City but the peace was broken after 11 last night when an incident occurred inside the Maya Star Restaurant and Bar. The proprietor Estela Vellos told us that the common law husband of one of the employees viciously attacked her employee inside the establishment.”

Estella Vellos – Proprietor Maya Star Bar: “Her name was Alba Elizabeth Chavez, she worked at Maya Star Restaurant and Bar, I am the owner and she is a waitress here. Last night at around 11:20 PM she was sitting around the bar and I was at a corner table. I saw her common-law come in, he hugged her and was talking to her like everything was good but I still watched them and stared at them because I know that they have had problems before she was my worker. She trusts me and told me her personal problems so all of a sudden I saw that he lifted up his shirt, took out a big knife and stabbed her on the side. When I saw that I got up and by the time I reached to them he already stabbed her like ten times so I took a chair and broke it on his head, he fell and got up back and ran.”

Jose Sanchez – Reporter: “The man who attacked his Common Law wife Jose Roberto Sanchez Bejarano and he has not been obtained yet by the police but one of her co-workers says that he threatened them, other co workers as well and also cut up a number of items inside of their home.”

Co worker of Alba Elizabeth Chavez: “He just took the knife from the side of his pants and stabbed her, when I saw him stab her the second time I ran to my boss and I told her boss he is stabbing her, I was afraid. When I came back he already stabbed her, she was full of blood and with one of our customers we got assistance because she works at the hospital where I did go too as well to help her in the assistance to carry her the hospital. Then the incident with that man, it is not the first time because more or less like three months ago he had an incident with me that he disrespected me while I was working so we called the police. The police took him but before the police took him he threatened to kill me so I told the police that he has no papers, he is not Belizean and that he threatened to kill me. The next day he came out like nothing and across from the bar where he lived he was laughing, basically rubbing it in my face showing me that he got out and thing right. They have one baby that is three months, I don’t know why he did that to her but he really stabbed her bad.”

Alba Chavez’s sister is taking care of the baby while she recovers at the Western Regional Hospital.