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Woman charged with burglarizing attorney’s home

After months on remand for the burglary of her uncle’s home,  44-year-old, Darlene Ramos,  a resident of Belize City is back behind bars since she is being accused of entering her uncle’s house again.  Well-known Senior Crown Counsel, 85-year-old,  Simeon Sampson, who resides at Allenby Street, Belize City. This morning, Ramos who was recently granted bail for allegedly committing a previous burglary at Sampson’s resident, appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Emmerson Banner. Ramos, who appeared in court unrepresented, was read a single charge of burglary to which she pleaded not guilty.  She told Magistrate Banner, “I have no whereabouts of Simeon Sampson. I have no problem of stealing. They are saying I steal his property and document…” The Magistrate Banner after observing how she was responding in court, ordered that a psychiatric evaluation be done on her at the Kolbe Foundation. Allegations are that on June 20, 2019, she entered as a trespasser, the dwelling home of Simeon Sampson located at #15 Allen Street, Belize City with intention to steal, but got nothing. Earlier this year, on Thursday, February 28, Ramos was also accused of burglarizing Simeon Sampson’s home and stealing a stereo and two speakers value $500.  For that case, she had appeared before Magistrate Khadeem Palmer, where she pleaded guilty.  Ramos’ case was adjourned to September 12, 2019./////