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Woman deported from Belize makes Court appearance in Canada

Last week we told you about the deportation of thirty three year old Canadian National Robin Leanne (Greenway) Trockstad. She was arrested by Belizean authorities after a warrant for her arrest was issued in Canada. She is accused of abducting her four year old son TreysonTrockstad-Greenway. Reports from Canada are that Trockstad appeared today in court where she was charged with child abduction and remanded into custody. After her arrest, the boy was placed in the care of Department of Human Services and will be returned to Canada with officials of Global Affairs Canada- a department in the Government of Canada that manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations.Trockstad was living in Spanish Lookout Area and it is believed that she was using the alias Jen Friesen. She and her estrange husband had been involved in a custody battle for their son. Before the court granted custody to the father, Trockstad travelled to Belize in 2014.